Different Types of Vaporizers

Smelling the change, begins with switching from smoking to vaping.

Below is a list of all the different types of vaporizers. And, for those of you who are too lazy to read we’ve included some videos at the bottom as well.

  • Conduction type: This resembles a flower vase in shape and is constructed with a glass-like material. A pipe from the chamber is used to inhale the vapor and it is powered by an external heating element.
  • Passive-convection vaporizer pipe: It is a classic styled pipe with heating element being a lighter, and contains a flame filter to arrest the combustion of the ingredients.
  • Forced air – vaporizer: As the name suggests, it uses an external source to blow air through the ingredients. A fan is often placed at the other side of the heating element, which blows a current of air through the heating element to a balloon or pipe from where the user can inhale the vapor. It is designed for home use only and occupies more space.
  • Portable Vaporizer: These are easy to carry and are convection current vaporizers that use a rechargeable battery or a car charger. Learn more. Check out the latest portable vaporizer reviews here.
  • Pen Vaporizer: These come under Portable vaporizers and are literally stealthy as they resemble a pen. Best used for oil extracts or wax vaporizers. They are based on conduction type and have an internal heating element, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. Basically these are pipes that reduce the content into ash by combustion them than vaporizing the ingredients.
  • E- Cigarette Vaporizer: It stimulates tobacco smoking that produces vapor, which is similar to smoke. It has a heating element, an atomizer, and a liquid called e-liquid, which is a mixture of glycerol, nicotine, and other flavored products.
  • Whip-style Vaporizer: It is unlike a portable vaporizer and has a whip type hands free hose attached to a hydrator and a H2O adapter ground glass. Often the hands-free equipment is not included and is bought as an accessory. It is powered by AC current.